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The Dip is a concentrated coral dip solution that guards against hazardous bugs and parasites in your new coral additions. This 250ml container is simple to use and kind to your coral.
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Fauna Marin Dip 250 ml

Fauna Marin Dip is an extremely efficient coral dip that was designed to keep your new corals from harmful parasites and pests. The 250ml bottle of The Dip contains a concentrated formula that is simple to apply and gentle on your coral. When you are introducing new corals to an aquarium with a reef, you need to take precautions to stop the spreading of parasites and other pests which could harm the coral you already have. Dip Dip is a tried and true method that protects the new coral from dangers. This concentrated formulation of The Dip is designed to be user-friendly and extremely effective. Simply mix the amount recommended by The Dip with aquarium water and then soak your newly-created coral in The Dip for the recommended time. The Dip can eliminate any parasites or pests that might be living in the coral, but while not harming coral. One of the advantages of The Dip is that it is easy for your coral. Some other coral dips may damage or even kill coral however, The Dip has been specifically designed for safety and efficiency. It's also very easy to make use of, making it an ideal choice for amateurs at all levels of experience. The 250ml bottle The Dip 250ml bottle The Dip is perfect for enthusiasts with smaller aquariums, or for those who wish to keep a smaller quantity of The Dip on hand for occasionally needed usage. Keep your reef aquarium in good health and free of pests by using The Dip.
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