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Simpler Ways to Manage the Flow in Our Aquariums

The HYDROS Wave Engine v2 is able to manage, monitor and even power many different aquarium pumps. You can now utilize pumps from various brands with an combined flow-management system. Monitor and control pumps from various brands through a single app, creating one of the most comprehensive flow control systems. The HYDROS Wave Engine v2 also has the ability to provide power to up to four pumps, letting you get rid from the mess of cables, power bricks and controllers on the aquarium's stand. Through a single application that you can manage various pumps from your smartphone. You can access all the features you're looking for and without the necessity of numerous apps, different controllers, or bulky power supplies that require aEURoebirdaEUR(tm)s of wires and cables. Up to now, a small number of capabilities have hampered simple controllers used to control popular pumps such as that of Maxspect Gyre, Reef Octopus Octo Pulse, TUNZEA(r)A Turbellea,,Cnanostreama,, Cor EcoTech VorTecha, C/ flow pumps*. * Requires ETM Wireless ChipA sold separately

Direct Drive - Get rid of the clutter

There are many pumps that can connect directly to the WaveEngine. This eliminates the requirement for not just the pumpaEUR(tm)s external controller however also the power source. ThataEUR(tm)s right! The WaveEngine is able to power up to four pumps at once. Imagine the mess you can get rid of from your stand! The only thing youaEUR(tm)ll require to connect directly pumps such as the Maxspect Gyre IceCap Gyre Reef Octopus OCT Pulse, and the new Blade pump are HYDROS Direct Drive adapter cords. Maxspect Gyre XF-130/230 and XF 150 / 250. 350 XF XF XF XF XF 280* IceCap Gyre 1K 3K, 2K, 4K Reef Octopus RODC-2500 3500 and 5500, VarioS-2 as well as 4, Octo Pulse 2 and 4.

0.10V A - Third-Party Control

A number of popular pumps made by brands such as Tunze, Abyzz, and Reef Octopus have external controllers equipped with a 0-10V connector which allows them to connect to a controller from a third party. YouaEUR(tm)ll only require an adapter for HYDROS 0-10v to connect your pump, and voila ! Now you can benefit from all of the flows and settings that the pump provides without the need for complicated programming. Abyzz Pumps Reef Octopus Octo Pulse 2 and 4, a VarioS 2, 6, and 8. A RODC 2500 3500 and 5,500 TUNZEA(r)A Turbellea. C/ nanostreamsa. pumps.
Please be aware: An appropriate pump adapter or a 0-10V cable (sold as a separate purchase) is needed to connect pumps directly WaveEngine. HYDROS WaveEngine. Maxspect Gyre pumps will only be run at 75% maximum intensity.

NEW to Version 2 NEW to v2 A Control up to 8 WiFi devices

Like those other HYDROS Controls the WaveEngine v2 is able to operate up to eight WiFi devices, allowing for additional flexible control of additional equipment such as lights, pumps feeders, and lights simply by adding a HYDROS WiFi Power StripA, or A HYDROS Smart PlugA (both available separately).

One App for All - Eliminate the need for numerous apps or manual controllers!

The HYDROS app from CoralVue can completely eliminate the need for separate manual controllers and applications. The WaveEngine will connect to the platform that controls each pump, allowing access to all of its flow patterns and modes. You can also make your own!


  • Add pumps easily and define the where the pump is located in the aquarium, and specify the max and min speed the pump can operate at
  • Utilize different brands of pumps to collaborate in various flow patterns, including sync, anti-syncand triangle wave and square wave. You can also use sine wave, and various other patterns of preset waves
  • Create multiple groups
  • Set up and use operational modes like Feed or Water Change or Night mode
  • Monitor the power consumption (volts amps, watts and amps) dependent on the individual pump and the total consumption of all attached pumps
  • Check pumpaEUR(tm)s RPM, to make sure you get the highest performance
  • EcoTech Vortecha,,C/ pump compatible
  • Cloud connectivity in full so you can manage your pumps from anyplace in the world.
  • Real-time alerts of system status and pump performance
  • Customize flow patterns of any length up to 24 hours, with 1/1000 second precision

Create a HYDROS Collective

It is also possible to join CoralVueaEUR(tm)s personal aquarium controllers to WaveEngine by using one of the CommandBus Ports. This lets you to connect your HYDROS controllers to be able to just communicate with one another and the WaveEngine to actually be the power source for all the controllers. This means you now have more control, and lesser clutter!"
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