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The Reef Octopus VarioS8 Controllable Water Pump offers advanced control with its detachable control unit and VarioSpike technology, providing energy-efficient and precise water flow management. With a maximum flow of 2700 GPH and a versatile design, it's perfect for sumps, reactors, and closed loop systems.
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Reef Octopus VarioS 8 Controllable Water Pump The Reef Octopus VarioS 8 Circulation Pump features a detachable control unit with a mounting option and a premium ceramic shaft with propeller bearings, reducing wear. It incorporates the latest VarioSpike technology for precise control, enhanced performance, energy efficiency, and safer operation. Unlike AC pumps, the VarioS pump offers superior energy efficiency and operates at a safer low voltage, minimizing heat per flow unit. Aquarists enjoy full control over water flow through their sumps, reactors, filters, or closed-loop systems. Refined Control: The VarioS Controller allows the pump to operate at five speeds typical of DC pumps. It includes a linked float switch for connecting the included float switch directly to the controller, ensuring safety by stopping the pump at high or low sump water levels without needing additional modules. Additionally, it features pause and feed settings to halt pump operation for 15 or 60 minutes. The VarioS controller serves as an interface between the system controller and the pump, enabling complex programming in your system controller's language—an unprecedented level of control for skimmers or water pumps. Includes: VarioS pump, controller, float switch, power supply, input and output union for direct PVC plumbing, adjustable output fittings for stepped barbs on flex tubing, and a protective intake screen. Specifications: Input: 1.25" Male Union Thread Output: 32mm/1.25" (barb/PVC coupling) Max Flow: 2700 GPH Max Head: 18 FT Wattage: 98W Voltage: 36V DC Dimensions: 5.7" L x 3.75" W x 5.5" H Cable Length: 6 FT Pump Warranty: 2 Years Rotor Warranty: 1 Year Note: VarioS pumps are not pressure-rated and should not be used in applications where water must be moved between floors.
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