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The beautiful Spledid Fairy Wrasse comes from Japan across the Philippines and is a fan of the rubble habitats of the reefs' outer areas. This peaceful wrasse makes an excellent addition to any aquarium that has reef fish, bringing stunning pastel colors of orange, yellow, and pink. Similar to other wrasses males during courtship show more intense colors. The colors can vary based on the mood of the fish. This Splendid Pinktail Wrasse is a peaceful active fish that can add color and energy to a reef or fish-only aquarium that is 90 gallons or more. They won't bother any corals or invertebrates, making them the ideal fish to keep in the reef aquarium. One male could be kept in females in a group that is introduced before or in the same manner in the same manner as the male. They are known to jump, which is why an appropriate canopy that is tight fit is suggested. A Splendid Pintail Fairy Diet of a Wrasse should comprise mysis shrimp with vitamin enrichment frozen as well as vitamin-enriched brine shrimp frozen in brine, and other meaty meals, as well as an excellent Marine flake, marine pellet, and diet. Wrasses are extremely active and require feeding often throughout the day. Approximate Size of Purchase: Medium: 1-1/2" to 2-1/2"
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Info about Splendid Pintail Fairy Wrasse The Splendid Pintail Fairy Wrasse (Cirrhilabrus isosceles) could be the perfect choice for almost any aquarium, and its calm behavior and vibrant coloration make it loved among enthusiasts. Male colors tend to deepen when they are courting. It is highly recommended to have a tightly fitting lid as they can jump out. They are small, with an adult size of five" that is another reason as to why they are so popular. They show a stunning array of pastel colors and vivid marks. They are the Splendid Pinktail Fairy Wrasse can be found in the Western Pacific in outer reef slopes that can be up to 60 meters in depth.   Splendid Pintail Fairy Wrasse Feeding Their diet should consist of frozen meaty items such as brine shrimp and marine pellets as well as flakes. At times, a seaweed strip can be added to provide the variety of their diet. This wrasse has a very high metabolism, so they need to be fed a few small meals, rather than two big meals per day.
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