Longspine Cardinalfish

Greek Name: Zoramia leptacantha



The Longspine Cardinalfish comes from the reefs of the Indian Ocean. This slim slender fish is mostly transparent in color. Its transparent hue is however offset with numerous spots and markings of both yellow and blue iridescent. The large black eyes of the fish are highlighted in iridescent blue, similar to the markings on the fins as well as the body.
A larger aquarium with a cave as well as calm tank mates is perfect for this slow and deliberate swimmer. It is likely to conceal itself in seagrass and other plants and may employ long spined urchins to camouflage. If there is a bigger aquarium available, it can handle only a tiny portion of the species. As a group, they’ll create a strict hierarchy, without any aggression.


The Longspine Cardinalfish requires a well-balanced diet that includes meaty foods like feeder shrimp flake food, pellets as well as bloodworms, marine flesh, and, depending on its size live feeder fish.


Approximate Purchase Size: Small: 3/4″ to 1-1/4″; Medium: 1-1/4″ to 2″; Large: 2″ to 3″


Care Level




Color Form

Blue, Clear, Yellow



Reef Compatible


Water Conditions

72-78° F, dKH 8-12, pH 8.1-8.4, sg 1.022-1.025

Max Size






Minimum Tank

10 gallons


General info about Longspine Cardinalfish

The Longspine Cardinalfish comes from the reefs of the Indian Ocean. It has a long slender shape and is mostly transparent in color. The transparent color is offset by many markings and spots of both iridescent blue and yellow. The large black eyes of this fish are outlined in iridescent blue like the markings on both the fins and body. A small to larger aquarium with a cave and peaceful tank mates is suitable for this slow and methodical swimmer. It tends to hide in seagrass or other plants or may use long spined urchins for camouflage. If a larger aquarium is available, it will handle a small group of this species. As a group, they will establish a strict hierarchy without aggressiveness.

Additional information


Large, Medium, Small

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