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The Latticed Butterflyfish, also known as the Raffle's butterflyfish is yellow and has dark scale margins that give an appearance reminiscent of a lattice. It is characterized by eyes with black bands as well as a blue patch between the eyes. The tail has a vertical black stripe. It is required to have a 120-gallon or bigger aquarium with many hiding spots and tranquil community members. It is not a reef-safe Butterflyfish. When it is in the wild, it can devour soft and hard corals, zoanthids, or anemones. In the event that the animal is sleeping or stressed out, the fish may develop dark spots on the front of its body.   The Latticed Butterflyfish will feed on the sea food that is chopped up.   Approximate Purchase Size: Small 1 1/2" to 2 1/4" Medium 2 1/4" to 3 1/2" Large 3 1/2" to 4"
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General information about the Latticed Butterflyfish Latticed Butterflyfish has a yellow body with dark scale margins, giving it an appearance reminiscent of lattice. It is characterized by a black eyeband and an eye patch of blue between the eyes. The tail is black with a vertical stripe. It requires a larger tank with plenty of hiding spots and calm community members. In its natural habitat, it may devour soft and hard corals, zoanthids or anemones. When the fish appears to be sleeping or distressed, they can be spotted with an eerie dark spot on the front of their body.
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