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Protect your aquarium, home, or office from total disaster The HYDROS Rope Leak Detection Sensor is a flexible line that detects the presence of moisture anywhere along the rope. Kit Includes: Leak sensing rope, adapter cable, and 10 mounting clips  
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The HYDROS Rope Leak Sensor kit is the first of its type in the world of aquariums. When water comes into contact with it, the information is used to notify you on your phone, sound an alarm, turn off pumps, and take other actions that could save your house, aquarium, or office from total disaster. The problem with leak sensors on solid surfaces is that you need to buy numerous of them to be safe. What are the chances of seeing water pooling in the exact location of the sensor? A rope-style water sensor is another solution we've designed. You can tie it in your sump, around the aquarium stand, or wherever you choose. This kind of sensor makes more sense when you need leak detection security over greater areas. You can program the HYDROS application to perform any action(s) you like in the event of a leak, such as flashing a specific color in the HYDROS controller, turning off the pump, or turning off your protein skimmer, and then sending you a text message to let you know when you get home (or request a trusted friend to examine your tank). ItaEUR(tm)s simple to implement and youaEUR(tm)re in the control. Connect your rope's sensor to the Sense Port on your HYDROS device. After that, place the rope on the region where liquid detection is required. If tape is required to secure the rope in place, use it solely on the ends. It is critical to disclose all of the sensors possible in order to provide the best protection. When the rope sensor is installed, it is critical to test it to ensure that it is functioning properly. To conduct a test, launch the HYDROS app on your smartphone and configure the Sense port to confirm that the rope sensor is turned on. Pour a little amount of tap water onto the rope sensor until the white and black sensing cables come into touch with liquid. The sensor's condition is checked through the HYDROS app to see whether the sensing is moist or dry. If all is well then you're done! Dry the cable , and you're now ready to set up alarms and other equipment to the appropriate action in case of leakage occurs. There is no need to use an additional Sense port to protect an additional area. HYDROS Leak Detection Rope Sensors can be daisy chained together to create a larger area for security. Are you the owner of a large tank? You can extend the defense line to create a lasso around your aquarium by connecting multiple rope sensors. Leak detector ropes don't require an additional power source even when you join them. Leak detectors for ropes don't require outlets that are connected to power strips or require an HYDROS Drive port for operation. HYDROS Leak Detection Rope Sensors provide users with 24/7 remote monitoring. You will be immediately notified of the first indication of leaks so you can stop a flood. Enter the HYDROS app to examine the condition of water parameters such as devices, power strips or smart plugs. Take decisions based on live data and take corrective steps from any location and at any moment.
10 ways to use an HYDROS The Leak The Detector Rope
  1. Set it next to your aquarium
  2. Place it on top of your sump
  3. Wrap it around an reactor
  4. Place it across the flooring in an open space
  5. Put it in a difficult to read corner
  6. Wrap around pipes from plumbing
  7. Connect it on the controller board
  8. Make use of it to mix your station
  9. Attach it to the return and water lines
  10. Remotely access your bathroom, garage or basement or laundry room or wherever else you decide to make
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