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Maximize your aquarium's safety with the EcoTech Marine Battery Backup Booster, specifically designed for Vectra pumps to maintain flow during power outages, ensuring a stable and oxygen-rich environment for your aquatic life.
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Introducing the Battery Backup Booster for Ecotech Marine Vectra Pumps

EcoTech Marine's Battery Backup Booster is a crucial accessory for your Vectra series pumps, ensuring continuous flow in your aquarium during power outages. This innovative device seamlessly connects between the Vectra pump's controller and the battery backup, activating automatically in case of power failure.

Key Features

  • Instant Connection: Easily plugs in between the Vectra pump controller and the battery backup.
  • Power Outage Protection: Essential for maintaining aquarium flow during electrical interruptions.
  • Auto On/Off Mode: Smartly conserves battery life by managing pump operation.
  • Enhanced Aquarium Safety with Vectra Pumps: The Battery Backup Booster, when used with Vectra return pumps, not only ensures full circulation in your tank during power outages but also maintains oxygenation in both the display tank and sump, crucial in reef tanks where oxygen levels can deplete rapidly.

Optimized Battery Usage

The runtime of Vectra return pumps on the EcoTech Marine Battery Backup varies based on several factors. While some are beyond your control, others, like pump calibration, are manageable. The Battery Backup Booster allows you to calibrate your Vectra pump, adjusting flow rates and setting On/Off intervals. This intelligent management conserves battery power, extending the operational duration of your tank during outages.

Compatibility and Usage Note*

It's important to note that this Booster is exclusively compatible with EcoTech Vectra Return Pumps. Using it with other EcoTech products can lead to damage. This specificity ensures that the booster works optimally with the intended pump models, providing reliable and efficient backup power.*  

In summary, the EcoTech Marine Battery Backup Booster is more than just a power solution; it's an integral part of your aquarium's emergency preparedness plan. By providing a reliable backup for your Vectra pumps, it ensures the health and safety of your aquatic life during power outages. Its easy-to-use design, combined with smart energy conservation features, makes it an essential addition to any aquarium utilizing Vectra pumps.


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