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CoralVue HYDROS Sense Port Accessory The HYDROS Leak Detection Sensor is a solid surface leak detector that can sense when freshwater or saltwater is underneath it and use that information to protect your aquarium, home, or office from total disaster.  
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HYDROS Leak Sensor Sense Port Accessory

The HYDROS Leak Detection Sensor is a rock-solid leak detector that can detect the presence of saltwater or freshwater beneath it. You can utilize this knowledge to protect your house, aquarium, or business from catastrophic disaster. The procedure is straightforward: simply Connect the sensor to every Sense Port on a HYDROS OS device (like the A Control 2A orA Control 4). It does not require any additional power. Then, install your leak detection gadget in an area which is logical for you: near your sump, beneath your stand or on the top of a skimmer for protein, beneath your RO/DI system, saltwater mixing station close to an ATO reservoir, beneath flooring, and anyplace there's a risk for leaks. Then, you can configure the HYDROS application to perform the action(s) you want when you detect a leak, such as flashing a specific color in the HYDROS controller, shutting off the pump, turning off the protein skimmer, and notifying you via mobile to allow you to return home, or even asking a relative to inspect the tank. ItaEUR(tm)s straightforward to complete and youaEUR(tm)re in the control. A common complaint regarding leak detectors for aquariums that are currently in the market is that they rust at the bottom. But not this HYDROS leak Detection Sensor. It is fully encapsulated and has a security seal which makes the device impervious to attack. This isnaEUR(tm)t one of those products youaEUR(tm)re likely to have to replace. ItaEUR(tm)s designed to last the tests of time. It can be connected to as many leak detection sensors in the event that there are Sense Ports accessible. With WiFi Power 4 power strips and Smart Plugs, it is possible to shut off the equipment in another area if leaks are identified. It is possible to have a particular lighting switch to on inside your living area or bedroom when the leak is discovered. With HYDROS you can do use a variety of innovative methods to ensure youaEUR(tm)re aware in the event of a disaster! The HYDROS Leak Detection Sensor is an official HYDROS Accessory that is manufactured by AutoAquaA from Taiwan. The inventors of Smart ATO Micro, AutoAqua is among the most renowned and trusted manufacturers of automated systems for aquariums that are available in the market in the present. CoralVue has tested thoroughly its Leak Detection Sensor to ensure that it is fully compatible to its HYDROS platform. The team responsible for product development at CoralVue created the sensor in a way that it is able to connect with any HYDROS Sensor Port by using its connector that is designed to be aviation-like for secure operation. It doesn't require any additional power source required to run the sensor. Receive alerts remotely in the event of a an emergency strike and take action using HYDROS!
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