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The Garden Eel, also known as Hass's Garden Eel, looks like an oceangrass colony. The majority of the Garden Eel can be found in sand and, should it be approached, it will retreat into the substrate. The Garden Eel must keep in a large 40 gallon or larger aquarium that has at six inches of sand and a mild flow, and with no aggressive tankmates. Decor should be kept to an absolute minimum. A tightly-fitting lid is necessary to stop the escape. The Garden Eel diet consists of fleshy food items and live animals such as freshwater ghosts or tiny feeder fish. Approximate Size of Purchase Small: Small: 3" to 4" Medium: 4" to 7" Please note that we guarantee that ALL aquarium species we sell will be alive and in good health. However, due to the greater amount of attention required for this specific species, it is classified by the zoo as "Expert only." This species is only recommended for aquarists who are experts or zoo or research institutions. Expert-only aqua life is exempt from our guarantee for a period of time after their arrival.  
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Garden Eel Information Spotted garden eels sport 3 large, black spots as well as numerous black spots throughout their bodies, as well as large eyes with yellow lenses and an upturned mouth. They are sexually dimorphic that is, males and females appear differently. Males are larger and the jaw extends more.
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