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The Bella Goby, Valenciennea bella or Sleeper Goby is similar in size and shape to the Golden Head Sleeper Goby, the Bella Goby has different shades of Maroon, Red and Orange. The head is yellow-gold and has sapphire blue stripes under the eyes. Its belly and chin are off-white. Adult Bella Gobies are prone to developing black patches on their chins. Bella Gobies are found on the bottoms of sandy reefs and reefs of Japan up to the Philippines. They are typically seen in pairs or as a single. Bella Gobies are sand-sifting fishes that should be kept in a 30 gallon or greater aquarium that has a thick sandy substrate and sufficient rockwork structure. They also will appreciate a maturing, well-established refugium with amphipods or copepods. Bella Gobies are often referred to as jumpers. Make sure your aquarium is fitted with a secure screening cover or canopy. These sand sifters eat from the base of the tank by filtering through the substrate and swallowing large amounts of sand. The food found within the sand, such as tiny crustaceans and worms is filtered out and eaten. It is believed that the Goby's frequent sifting keeps the substrate free of dirt and oxygenated. Bella Gobies must be fed an assortment of frozen foods including enhanced brine shrimp, mysis shrimp that have been enriched, as well as dried and pelleted food items that are suitable for carnivores. Approximate Size of Purchase: Medium: 3" to 3-3/4"; Large: 3-3/4" to 4-1/2"; XLarge: 4-1/2" and up.    
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Information on Bella Goby The Bella Gobies are beautiful with gorgeous shades of orange and purple on their bodies. They appear stunning under active blue light. Some of them might possess a striking gold head, with blue lines running through their eyes. It's a stunning fish to admire. They are sand swifters who keep an eye on worms as they take large mouths full of sand, and then move through it. Sand-sifting is a great way to keep your sand bed fresh. Bella Gobies are regarded as very peaceful fish, which is why you shouldn't expect to observe much aggression from them toward any other fish. They can be found in groups. It is not recommended to have more than 2. If you keep more than that, it could trigger an aggressive behavior towards another Goby, be on guard for this. In contrast to Goby species like the Yellow Goby, they do not spend a lot of time in a cave. They are extremely active. As with other Goby fish, the Bella Goby is considered reef safe. This means they won't harm your corals, but they also help keep your sand bed nice and clean. They can reach up to six inches in length, which is quite large for a Goby.   Bella Goby Diet Bella Goby is a carnivore. They aren't fussy eaters. Fresh foods frozen like brine, mysis shrimps cubes, premium pellets, or flakes are all great. Pellet food is great because often they're slightly reluctant to eat in the beginning and then hide in caves, particularly if there are tank mates who are very savage eaters. Pellets can be dropped into the tank. They will pop up and take them in.   Origin of Bella Goby They are located in the waters all around the Philippines.
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