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Super-sized Premium Reef-Ready Systems

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19mm ultra-clear glass

The 19mm low-iron glass provides a superior clarity, showing the true colors of your reef inhabitants.

Fortified internal framed aquarium

REEFER-S aquariums sport an elegant jet-black internal frame, which fortifies the 19mm thick ultra-clear glass.

Dual pump returns

The dual side-facing return pump outlets create an optimal flow in the aquarium. The outlets can be attached to a single or dual pumps.

Surface skimmer

The central overflow box is has a large surface skimmer, with removable comb parts for periodic cleaning.

Silent downflow system

The regulated silent downflow system comes with an improved, high precision valve for finer flow adjustments, as well as an emergency downflow bypass pipe, with unrestricted flow to the sump.

Aluminum marine spec cabinet

The marine-spec cabinet has a replaceable exterior, attached to a superior and robust aluminum super structure.

Assembly-ready piping

No gluing required! All pipes are preformed with quick connectors at all joins. Bulkhead connectors suitable for both Metric and USA standard pipes can be purchased separately, allowing you to customize your sump piping.

High precision valve

Silent downflow system with a new high precision valve, enabling finer flow adjustments.

ReefMat Ready

Plug & Play instalation for ReefMat 500/1200, together with Refugium.

Professional main sump

The main sump is refugium-ready, containing all the filtration functions, and has an adjustable height skimmer chamber, enabling you to set the water level between 20-28cm (7.9-11) for optimal skimmer performance.

Extension sump

The extension sump can be used for a dedicated frag tank, a larger refugium, or simply for extra filtration. Alternatively, the extension sump can be disconnected from main sump, and used as an R/O reservoir or for saltwater changes.

Chiller & hardware chamber

All REEFER-S models come with a separate chamber for a chiller, controllers or other equipment.

Control panel

Provides easy mounting and access for controllers and other equipment. *Actual color of cabinet interior is black.

Hidden adjustable feet

The adjustable feet allow perfect levelling on any surface, and are hidden by the cabinet exterior for a more elegant look. SYSTEM VOLUMES Total system water volume 225 gal Aquarium volume (display) 180 gal In-cabinet sump volume 45 gal DISPLAY TANK DIMENSIONS Length 71" Width 26 3/4" Height 25.6" TOTAL SYSTEM DIMENSIONS External length 71" External width 26 3/4" External height (excluding light unit) 60" GLASS Ultra-clear front glass 3/4" Ultra-clear side glass 3/4" Bottom glass 3/4" LIGHTING DLX Version 3 Units (RL160s) (optional) Nominal total output 480W Integrated WiFi control via ReefBeat app RETURN PUMP Main system pump Recommended flow: 2,400 gph (pump not included) FILTRATION Protein skimmer Recommended:Recommended: RSK 900 Water flow 530 gph air flow 235 gph (not included) Mechanical filtration (bubble trap) Micron filter bags (225 micron thin-mesh filter bag) 2 Filter media cup 2 SUMP Reefmat ready removable media chamber ReefMat 1200 Ready Adjustable height skimmer chamber Refugium-ready RO reservoir volume Not included CABINET Marine spec cabinet Chiller-ready Aluminum cabinet frame
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