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The Red Sea Max Nano G2 Cube is a meticulously designed, compact aquarium system featuring REEF-SPEC technology for optimal coral health and growth. With a 5-year warranty and user-friendly setup, it caters to both novice and experienced reef keepers seeking a hassle-free reef aquarium experience.

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Red Sea Max Nano G2 Cube - Black MAX NANO G2 concept The MAX NANO G2 systems come with everything needed to sustain a reef aquarium, sparing you from dealing with component selection or compatibility concerns.
They come with a 5-year extended warranty, and are ideal for first-timers who want to experience what it’s like to grow their own corals, as well as advanced reefers interested in a tank that won’t consume too much space or time. Every piece of equipment incorporated into the MAX NANO G2 Systems is REEF-SPEC - which is the criteria that represents the ideal conditions required in an aquarium for sustaining coral health and optimizing coral growth of all kinds, based on Red Sea's 30 years of research on the needs of corals in artificial environments. REEF-SPEC Lighting Our long term research into the photobiological needs of corals in artificial environments has led to the REEF-SPEC lighting criteria, which is the basis for lighting configurations used in Red Sea aquarium systems. Specifications -17.7 inches wide -17.7 inches length -17.7 inches height -Total system height: 52" -16.4 gallons display tank water volume -19.8 gallons total system water volume
aquarium size
83", 83″
aquarium color
123 lbs
36 × 21 × 27 in


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