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The white Red Sea MAX Aquarium Nano Peninsula Complete System is a sleek and modern all-in-one reef aquarium system with a distinct peninsula shape. This all-in-one system includes a protein skimmer, return pump, media rack, and LED lighting, making it ideal for marine enthusiasts looking for a compact yet efficient aquarium system.
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Red Sea Max Aquarium Peninsula Complete System - White

Red Sea MAX  Aquarium Nano Peninsula Complete System in white offers marine enthusiasts an all-in-one reef aquarium system featuring its distinctive peninsula design. Equipped with a protein skimmer, return pump, media rack, and LED lighting technology - making this compact yet efficient aquarium solution is the ideal solution. MAX Nano Peninsula Complete System's protein skimmer is specifically designed to remove organic waste, excess nutrients, and any harmful substances from your aquarium water, while its return pump circulates it for optimal filtration and oxygenation. Furthermore, its media rack holds various forms of filter media which allows you to customize it specifically according to the needs of marine life in your tank. MAX Nano Peninsula Complete System in white features high-grade LED lighting designed to illuminate marine life for an enhanced experience and better health outcomes. Easy setup and maintenance make this an excellent investment, built using premium quality materials ensuring its longevity and resilience. The white Red Sea MAX Aquarium features an innovative peninsula design which makes them the ideal solution for those wishing to display marine life more openly and clearly. Marine enthusiasts who wish to have all-in-one reef aquarium systems that combine modernity and functionality should look no further. Experience the elegance and simplicity of MAX Nano Peninsula Complete System in white now, and experience the benefits of creating an efficient aquarium that will highlight marine life's beauty! Order today to experience its benefits for yourself. The MAX NANO Peninsula is the same height and width as the MAX NANO Cube, but its larger depth adds almost 40% more to the display space. This additional depth keeps the reef compact, but provides more room for corals and allows for more impressive reefscapes. Display tank length - 45 cm Display tank height - 45 cm Display tank width - 58.5 cm Total system height - 132 cm Total system water vol. - 100 L Display tank water vol. - 87 L Ultra-clear front glass - 8 mm Ultra-clear side glass - 8 mm Bottom glass - 8 mm
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