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The ORA® Captive-Bred Azure Damselfish also called the Half-blue Damselfish is a two-tone darting marine fish. The body's front part is bright blue. The posterior area, the anal fin, and the tail have yellow. There is a variation of species with regards to the proportion of the yellow visible on its body. (Some refer to C. parasema to be the Azure Damselfish, but in the aquarium hobby it is known as the Azure Damselfish and is thought to be this species, C. hemicyanea.) A 30 gallon or bigger saltwater aquarium with plenty of decor and rockwork is the ideal choice. Since it can withstand conditions that are not ideal for water it is a very popular fish with novice hobbyists. A small number of Azure Damsels can bring color and excitement to the majority of marine aquariums. Keep this species in the company of other semi-aggressive fish as they could become territorial once they get older. In larger reef aquariums it's not an issue if enough hiding areas are available. It is recommended that the ORA® Captain-Bred Azure Damselfish diet should comprise of top quality flake food, frozen meaty food items like mysis or brine shrimp, and sometimes dried seaweed served in a feeding clip. Estimated Purchase Size: 1/2" - 3/4"  
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General information on Azure Damselfish The Azure Damselfish is a dual-tone and darting marine fish. The body's front part is blue. The posterior area, tail, and anal fin are yellow. There is a variety of species depending on the quantity of yellow visible. (Some refer to C. parasema to be the Azure Damselfish. However, in the world of aquariums, the Azure Damselfish is thought to be the same fish, C. hemicyanea.) A small tank can accommodate a single Azure Damselfish. A medium-sized to a large aquarium is ideal for a small group.  
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