Ocean Pulse – Duo Wavemaker Wavebox (2 Pump Capacity)



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Let the waves begin to roll in by using The JBJ Ocean Pulse - DUO Wavemaker (2 Pump Capacity). This device will create an ever-changing seascape of waves within your aquarium. This is exactly what corals require.
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JBJ Ocean Pulse - DUO Wavemaker Wavebox

Ocean Pulse - Duo Wavemaker Wavebox capacity: 2 pumps Time Range: 10 seconds - 6 minutes # of Dials: 1 Max Amps per Socket: 1.2 Amps / 132 Watts Volts/Hz: 110V/60Hz Power Consumption: 2 Watts Weight: 0.4 lb Ocean Pulse - Duo Wavemaker Wavebox is a two-pump wave maker system that simulates the natural ocean currents in a marine aquarium. The device features a compact design and the ability to connect two powerful pumps that create a seamless flow of water throughout the tank, promoting the healthy growth and vitality of aquatic life. The flow patterns can be adjusted to mimic various ocean currents, providing a dynamic and realistic environment for your fish and corals. The Ocean Pulse - Duo also includes a built-in controller that allows for easy programming and control of the flow patterns. Additionally, the system is energy efficient, using low-wattage, high-performance pumps to create powerful water flow. This is a great choice for marine aquarium hobbyists who want to create a more natural and healthy environment for their aquatic pets. View more Wavepumps
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