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IceCap 2K Gyre Flow Pump With WaveEngine LE WiFi Controller Max Flow 2,000gph | 8~25 watts | 20-90+ gallons Includes 2K Gyre Pump, power supply and WaveEngine LE WiFi Controller Applicable for glass or acrylic aquariums up to 1/2 in thick.    
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IceCap 2K Gyre Flow Pump that comes with HYDROS The WaveEngine Le Dual Pump Controller
The IceCap 2k Gyre is back and more powerful than ever! The brand new IceCap 2K Gyre Pump Pump is not just more powerful than the predecessor, but it's also wirelessly controlled, allowing you to control your flow wirelessly and effortlessly using your mobile.

Gyre 2K Pump Features & Benefits

  • Unique Gyre Flow: Virtually eliminates Dead Spots
  • Evenly distributed linear flow
  • Discrete Design
  • Can be mounted vertically or horizontally
  • Can be positioned close to Water Surface
  • Waterproof Magnet Mounts
  • Twin Directional Flow Cages
  • Two sets of Propellers: Black and Orange
  • HYDROS WaveEngineA Direct DriveA Compatible
  • 1-Year Limited Warranty
The IceCap 2K Gyre utilizes technology licensed from Maxspect who are the creators of the first Gyre pump, to create the now iconic gyre flow within your aquariumaEUR"but without spending a dime! The new feature for 2020 is the inclusion to an IceCap Dual Gyre Pump WiFi Controller. This new controller is based on CoralVueaEUR(tm)s robust HYDROS platform to connect to life-like pattern of flow, time-scheduling and more. IceCap 2K is IceCap 2K is also Direct Drive compatible with the A Hyperdros WaveEngineA along with the WaveEngine LEA multi-pump controller. We'll talk about that in the near future!

Gyre 2K Technical Specifications

  • Rating:A Aquariums 20-90+ Gallons
  • Maximum Flow: A 2,000 Gallons Per Hour
  • Minimum Flow: A 739 Gallons per Hour
  • Power Consumption: 8-25 Watts
  • Size: 8.78L by 2.83W 1.5H x 1.5H
  • Weight:457g/16.10z
  • Cable Length: 6ft
  • Tank Thickness: Up to 1/2 AEUR thick
  • Glass or Acrylic: Safe for Both


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