IceCap Small PRO 8 Magnetic Coral Frag Rack



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Elegant looking magnetic frag rack with a clever membrane that securely grips the frag plugs to keep them in position even if they have different sized stems.    
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These IceCap magnetic coral frag rack feature the latest, elegant magnetic black shelf that can effortlessly blend in with the sides that your tank. Each hole is fitted with a smart membrane that is firmly gripped by the frag plugs, ensuring that they stay them in place even when they have different sizes of stems. The rack's modular design permits users be able to relocate the rack to allow for ease of maintenance or to help in the acclimation process for tiny corals. Available in three different models.

PRO Magnetic Coral Frag Rack

Slim Profile

Special membranes lock plugs and keeps them in the right

Strong magnet mount can hold up to 1/2 inch!

Small - Can hold up to 8 Frags

  • item # ICFR8R
  • DimensionsA 5x3x 1.8in (LxWxH)
  • The Maximum Glass/Acrylic ThicknessA 1/2in
*Securly Holds Most Frag Plugs with Stems up to 3/8aEURA"    
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9.75 × 5 × 2.75 in


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