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Elevate your coral fragging and live rock sculpting with our fast-setting, long-lasting gel glue. Securely mount corals underwater with ease.
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Discover the perfect gel glue for securing aquacultured coral frags and crafting live rock formations. Experience superior inter-molecular bonding in an easy-to-apply, mess-free, and long-lasting form with EcoTech Coral Glue.

Key Features:
  • Securely mount corals in any orientation.
  • Effective underwater application.
  • Rapid setting in 10 seconds, complete curing in 5 minutes.
  • Triple-distilled for purity.
  • pH-neutral formula.
  • Non-clogging pin-cap for convenience.
  1. Turn off in-tank flow.
  2. Apply glue to coral or rock above or below the water surface.
  3. Hold the item in the desired location until set (approximately 10 seconds).
  4. Allow the glue to fully cure before resuming water flow (about 5 minutes).

Elevate your coral fragging and live rock sculpting with the reliable gel EcoTech Coral glue.

295 mL, 75 mL


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