Ceramic Rings for 6g Nano Cube



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Replacement Aquarium Ceramic Rings for JBJ Nano Cubes.
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Nano Cube Replacement

Looking for replacement ceramic rings for your 6G to 28G JBJ Nano Cube aquarium? You've come to the right place. These Ceramic Rings for 6g Nano Cube promote the growth of beneficial bacteria in your freshwater or saltwater tank. This will keep your fish and other inhabitants happy and healthy.


Aquariums need to have a good filtering system to ensure that the fish stay healthy. The most essential type of aquarium filtration is biological filtration, which is performed with Ceramic Rings for 6g Nano Cube. What exactly is it as well as what exactly are the advantages of using these for aquariums? They are basically porous ceramic pieces that contain beneficial bacteria that remove ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate from the water.

What is a Ceramic Ring?

In the case of aquariums, the rings are frequently known as bio rings. They are tiny rings. They feature a lot of small holes along their exteriors tiny holes that are almost invisible, but they also have a huge hole running across the middle. These holes form a porous surface that allows beneficial bacteria to stick to them, expand, and help in the filtering of your water, which we'll discuss in more depth later on.


Ceramic rings offer many advantages to aquariums.

Biological Filtration

One of the main benefits ceramic rings give your aquarium is biological removal. Fish waste, food waste that is not eaten, and plant matter that is rotting release ammonia into the aquarium. Ammonia is extremely detrimental to fish and even low levels of ammonia can cause death to your fish. This is the reason aquariums have to have beneficial bacteria that provide biological removal. The ammonia is transformed by these bacteria into nitrite, which is more harmless to fish than ammonia. Then, the bacteria further reduce the nitrite into the nitrate that is safer. If you don't have beneficial bacteria in your tank, your fish could be dead. The entire purpose of using ceramic rings is to store beneficial bacteria, thereby providing the proper biological filtering, and ultimately longevity for your pet fish. ceramic rings made of ceramic

Easy to use

Another advantage you can enjoy when using ceramic rings for biological filtering is that they are extremely simple to operate. You simply need to put as many as you want into the filter of your aquarium and you're in good shape. It does not get any easier than that.


Ceramic aquarium rings can last for a lengthy period of time.
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