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Coral Gum instant is a two-component coral adhesive for safe cementing of coral fragments to stone substrates. No deleterious matter or adhesive residue is introduced into the aquarium water; it is unbreakable, yet remains flexible and withstands high loads. Can be used in fresh-water and marine aquariums. Contents: 2 x 60 g (4.23 oz.) Instructions for use
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Tunze Coral Gum Instant is a type of aquarium supplement used to support the health and growth of coral in saltwater aquariums. It is formulated to provide a balanced blend of trace elements, vitamins, and other nutrients that are essential for coral health. The product is designed to dissolve quickly in water and can be easily dosed into the aquarium. Tunze Coral Gum Instant is suitable for use in both reef and non-reef aquariums, and is designed to be used in conjunction with a balanced diet of other aquarium supplements. It is typically used to help corals recover from stress, to support growth and coloration, and to enhance the overall health of the coral population in the aquarium. TUNZE® has been providing coral glue to specifically promote the growth of stony corals. Our product line includes epoxy-based adhesives, and a two-component adhesive for a quick adhesion. The coral glues do not emit any pollutants into the aquarium water and avoid an over-foaming of the skimmer. Tunze Coral Gum Instant 120gm-care for your aquarium
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