Coral Glue – Instant Glue (25 X .14 Oz Tubes)



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Specially designed glue that can be used in marine and freshwater aquariums.
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Many aquarists make stunning underwater forests or gardens for their pets in the water. But, the problem is fixing all the plants at once. Coral glue can solve your problem.

It is safe for marine animals.

Coral glue is not toxic to fish and does not harm plants or their roots.

It is compatible with various types of substrates.

This works on different types of porous and non-porous substances, including stone, wood metal, glass steel, and ceramic. You can use it to create nearly any ornamentation you can think of for your aquarium.

It's water-resistant.

Waterproofing your decorations will ensure they remain on the spot for a long time.   Safe on all plants and corals.
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