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HYDROS Sense Port Accessory

The HYDROS Water Level Sensor is an optical sensor you can use for a variety of aquarium applications, such as sensing when your tank needs to be topped off or to detect when a dosing container needs a refill. It plugs into any Sense Port on a HYDROS device (like the Control 2 or Control 4) and does not require any additional power source.

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The HYDROS Water Level Sensor is an optical sensor that you may utilize for a number of aquarium functions for example, such as detecting the time when your tank requires to be filled up or to calculate the time that a dosing vessel requires replenishing. It connects to the Sense Port of a HYDROS device (such as the Control 2 or Control 4) and does not require any additional power. The HYDROS Level Sensor is waterproof. The Level Sensor has no moving parts that can fail. ItaEUR(tm)s exceedingly small: itaEUR(tm)s a little over one-half inch thick and has an area that is the size of the size of a US coin. Its optical eyes are magnetically coupled, with the magnet side being only a quarter of an inch thick. It can be attached to any clear colored, tinted, or painted surface up to 1/2 inch thick. The sensor may be utilized both during the day and at night, making it ideal for concealment within your aquarium stand or within one of the chambers behind an integrated aquarium. The HYDROS Water Level Sensor can be used in a variety of applications. You could, for example, make one a high-level sensor and the other a low-level sensor as part of a dual-sensor automated top-off (ATO) system. It is possible to place these small optical sensors in the containers you use for dosing so you are alerted whenever they are required to refill. It is feasible to place two inside an ATO reservoir. One could inform HYDROS to fill it up and the other one could stop the reservoir from overflowing. Ensure that equipment does not run out of power by instructing HYDROS to turn off power to the outlet when the sensor triggers. The sensors are simple to install, reposition, and clean. They are simple to transport, clean, and maintain. The HYDROS water level sensor is an authentic HYDROS accessory manufactured by AutoAqua in Taiwan. AutoAqua, the developers of Smart ATO Micro, is one of the most well-known and dependable manufacturers of automation systems for aquariums in the industry today. CoralVue's Water Level Sensor has been carefully tested to verify that it is fully compatible with its HYDROS platform. The team responsible for product development at CoralVue built the sensor to ensure that it is able to connect with any HYDROS Sensor Port by using its socket that is equivalent to an aircraft type for secure functioning. The sensor requires no additional power source to function. HYDROS Level Sensors are water-based. Specifications for the Level Sensor:
  • Size: Diameter 0.75aEUR Sensor 0.55aEUR thickness magnet Mount - 0.25aEUR thick Cord length"98""
  • Max Mounting Thickness for Mounting: 1/2 AEUR
  • Use as a Low or High Level
  • No moving parts
  • Magnetic Attachment
  • For saltwater and freshwater aquariums.
  • The HYDROS Water Level Sensor is equipped with an GX12 connector with an aviation style, ensuring that it can be used with the Control 2 and Control 4 retain their IP65-rated status (dust-tight and safe from spray from all angles).
  • The system is powered to be monitored, controlled, and powered by plugging in the Sensor Port in the HYDROS Control 2 or Control 4. A power cord is not needed.
  • Made by AutoAqua which is the official HYDROS Technology Partner.
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