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Ensure a secure aquarium environment with the HYDROS Skimmer Sensor. Purpose-built for protein skimmers, it prevents overflows and promotes hassle-free operation.
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The HYDROS Skimmer Sensor safeguards your aquarium by preventing protein skimmer overflows. Purpose-built and easy to install, this sensor ensures optimal skimmer performance.

Key Features:

  • Designed for placement inside protein skimmer collection cup
  • No moving parts for reliable operation
  • Magnetic attachment with easy installation
  • IP65-rating for dust-tight and water spray protection
  • Powered and controlled through HYDROS Control 2 or Control 4 Sense Port
  • No additional power cord required

How It Works:

Simply place the sensor inside the skimmer collection cup, and the magnetic coupling secures it in place. When waste level rises, the sensor signals HYDROS to turn off the skimmer, preventing overflows. Ensure your protein skimmer is plugged into a HYDROS power source for this skimmer security feature to function.


  • Sensor Dimensions: 0.75”(Diameter) x 0.55” (Thickness)
  • Magnet Mount Dimensions: 0.75” (Diameter) x 0.25” (Thickness)
  • Max Mounting Thickness: 1/4”

Package Contents: 

1x HYDROS Skimmer Sensor


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