Accela Submersible Powerhead (182gph)



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JBJ introduces the highly powerful Accela powerhead. The submersible pumps are perfect to be used with filters made of under gravel and also help to circulate water within saltwater or freshwater aquariums.
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Accela Submersible Powerhead Accela Submersible Powerhead (182gph) Information

JBJ introduces the extremely efficient Accela Submersible Powerhead Accela Submersible Powerhead (182gph). This submersible pump is ideal for use under gravel filters and provides water circulation within fresh or saltwater aquariums. Accela powerhead motors are epoxy-sealed and designed for consistent power with low energy draw. All kits include an adjustable venturi injector, under gravel attachment tube, flow diffuser flap, suction cup bracket, and mounting hook.


Offered in 4 sizes ranging from 166gph - 266gph. All models are UL listed and are thermally protected for safe operation WaveMaker (Ocean Pulse) Approved In nature, water circulation is vital for corals, fish, and invertebrates in order to achieve optimal health. Providing the proper water movement is essential for many tank inhabitants who require currents to bring food and oxygen, and remove harmful waste. Setting multiple powerheads can simulate natural currents while eliminating dead spots in aquariums. Positioning powerheads lower/higher can also allow for more natural wave cycles by producing counter currents. It is important to research what flow rates are required for specific tank mates before replicating their environment. It is recommended to position powerheads to direct detritus and waste into the intake of filters. This small step will ensure a healthy and clean aquarium with no areas with high accumulation. Pivoting the directional flow diffuser towards the surface will also reap great benefits by allowing for proper gas exchange between the CO2 gas saturated within the water and the oxygen above its surface. This will help maintain a proper pH for more stable water parameters. Specifications:
  • Model# SPI-600
  • Voltage/Hz: 110V/60Hz
  • Power Consumption: 11Watts
  • Max Flow: 182gph
  • Max Height: 35"
  • DIMS(LxWxH): 3.5x2x3.25
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5 × 3 × 10.5 in
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As a general rule, a larger custom aquarium might require installation by a professional. However, a kit from our online fish store is relatively affordable and beginner friendly. That means you should have no problem setting it up yourself.

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Saltwater aquariums require a bit more maintenance and monitoring than freshwater tanks. Different fish require different levels of salinity, pH tolerances, and temperature requirements. They also require specialized pumps, filters, and other equipment that can handle salt. We can guide you through everything you need to know to set up a healthy, thriving reef tank.

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Is the effort required to maintain a saltwater aquarium worth it?

Yes! Many aquarists dream of owning thriving saltwater aquariums. You have a tiny piece of the ocean in your home, featuring magical and exotic fish that can only survive in saltwater.