Your Guide to Buying Aquariums Online

Fish and Coral Store has what you need if you are looking for a new saltwater aquarium. The kind of saltwater fish tanks that work best for you will depend on what saltwater species you keep. If you’re keeping just a few small fish, 10 gallon tanks will be alright. However, if you keep more, a larger tank is necessary. Fish with too small of a space will have stunted growth.

In general, a smaller tank also requires more maintenance. This is because the waste generated from your fish isn’t as diluted. Bacteria growth happens at the same rate as it would in a larger tank, but because of the smaller space, it has a much more significant impact on your water. It can be easier to oversalinate your water, with small amounts of salt having huge effects. And less water means that your tank’s temperature is going to fluctuate a lot more.

All of these make keeping your fish alive and thriving much harder. If you’re new to aquariums, we recommend getting a larger tank. Smaller aquariums are a fantastic (and beautiful) challenge for experts.

Aquarium Supplies You Need

When you buy aquariums online, there are additional supplies to consider. Make sure to order a water filter and air pump to keep your water pure and aerated. Your saltwater aquarium will also need lighting and heaters. And with a power strip, your entire setup will be a lot easier to manage. Explore our entire selection of products and order today.

About Fish and Coral Store

Fish and Coral Store is run by two guys with a passion for saltwater aquariums. Our store is the best place for advice and saltwater fish expertise on the West Coast. Stop by — we’re excited to help you create the perfect habitat.

Frequently Asked Questions
How do you set up a saltwater aquarium?

After you’ve selected a tank, you’ll need a few other parts. Get a water filter, sensors, and water testing kits to keep your tank clean and monitor chemical levels in the water. Keep your water temperature stable with a heater. Add substrate to the base of the tank, as well as any rocks and coral you want in the tank. Finally, get distilled water and sea salt to set up an environment with the perfect saline levels for the species you’ll be keeping

What size aquarium do I need?

That depends on your fish species and your experience level. Smaller ones are more compact, but they’re also higher maintenance. Larger tanks aren’t affected as significantly by chemical and temperature changes as small tanks are, making them easier for beginners, but they take up way more space.

How do I clean a saltwater aquarium?

Look at the instructions for your aquarium. You’ll need a few products, and we offer everything you’ll need. However, getting an algae scrubber and gravel vacuum will help keep both your substrate and the glass of your tank clean.

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