XR717 RMS Hanging Kit



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The XR717 RMS Hanging Kit is a must-have for effortlessly suspending RMS Tracks in aquariums, featuring adjustable light height and including essential brackets and hardware. Note: RMS track is sold separately.
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Crafted with expertise, the XR717 RMS Hanging Kit actively provides a straightforward solution for suspending RMS Tracks. This kit, especially beneficial for aquarium enthusiasts, enables the effortless adjustment of aquarium light heights. Moreover, its design focuses on ease of use, facilitating quick and simple modifications to the tank's lighting setup.

Key Features:

  • The kit primarily serves to suspend RMS Tracks, establishing itself as an indispensable accessory for customizable lighting in aquariums.
  • It offers the flexibility to adjust light heights easily, meeting the specific requirements of your aquatic environment and supporting the growth of its inhabitants.

Package Contents:

  • All necessary brackets, ensuring a secure and stable foundation for hanging the RMS Tracks.
  • A complete set of hanging hardware, providing everything necessary for immediate installation.

Please Note:

Importantly, the RMS track itself is not part of this kit. However, the kit includes all other components essential for the track's installation and adjustment.

The XR717 RMS Hanging Kit stands as a comprehensive and adaptable solution


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