Xport-Ca R.E.E.F. HemiXSpheres – 2″ nominal diameter Xport-Ca Hemispheres for Frag Mounting



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Xport-Ca R.E.E.F. HemiXSpheres

Xport-Ca R.E.E.F. HemiXSpheres Two" diameter, ideal to mount frags easily. Make your reef tank more attractive with these unique hemispheres.
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Xport-Ca R.E.E.F. HemiXSpheres

The Xport-Ca R.E.E.F HemiXSpheres is the latest addition to the R.E.E.F. HemiXSpheres the best solution to mount frags in the reef aquarium. These unique 2-" nominal diameter Hemispheres have been precisely designed to enhance an aquarium's marine environment and produce an amazing underwater display. Xport-Ca R.E.E.F HemiXSpheres are designed to be the ideal platform to securely mount your coral fragments. With their exact 2" diameter the hemispheres provide plenty of space to attach your coral frags, assuring the stability of your coral and optimum growth. The size of the hemispheres is ideal easy positioning and arrangement within your tank, creating an attractive and balanced display. Made from top-quality materials the Xport-Ca R.E.E.F. HemiXSpheres are not only tough, but also inert and safe for reefs. This means that they do not release toxic substances into your tank, ensuring an environment that is safe and healthy for marine life. One of the distinctive characteristics that Xport-Ca HemiXSpheres are their porous surfaces. This design is unique and encourages beneficial bacteria colonization, and is a key element in the process of biological removal. As beneficial bacteria settle on the hemispheres of the sun, they work hard to degrade toxic organic waste and toxins and help maintain the an optimal level of water quality within your tank. Another benefit of Xport-Ca HemiXSpheres is that they are compatible with a variety in coral types. No matter if you own the SPS (small polypstony) corals and the LPS (large polyp stony) corals or soft corals these hemispheres offer a secure and versatile platform for displaying and sustaining your coral frags. The process of setting up your reef tank using Xport-Ca R.E.E.F. HemiXSpheres is simple. The user-friendly design allows the easy installation of coral fragments by using the reef-safe adhesives. Thanks to the stability of the hemispheres, you are able to safely place your coral frags different spots throughout the tank, highlighting their unique beauty while increasing their growth potential. In the end the Xport-Ca R.E.E.F. HemiXSpheres are the ideal option for mounting frags within your reef tank. They feature a 2" nominal size, their reef-safe construction and a porous, smooth top layer, the hemispheres provide an efficient and beautiful solution to nurture the coral fragments. Bring your marine aquarium up to new levels of functionality and beauty by using the Xport-Ca R.E.E.F. HemiXSpheres and create an amazing underwater environment that will delight both the marine life and you.
1 HemiMount, 20 HemiMounts, 8 HemiMounts
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5.1 × 3.1 × 8.1 in
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