Maxspect Coral Gripper 83mm V2



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Professional Coral Gripper

The Maxspect Coral Gripper is a long-reach tong grabber that is specifically made for marine aquariums that have stainless steel 316L components. You can enjoy dry hands and arms while you move gently corals as well as other fish in the aquarium. A sturdy stainless shaft and an ergonomic trigger action grip makes the lifting of objects less than 4lbs is a simple and easy task. The maxspect coral gripper Silicone grips offer an anti-skid coating for better gripping , while also managing your corals with care.

Coral Gripper Features

  • Available in 32.5in lengths and 23.5in lengths.
  • specifically designed to be used in marine aquariums
  • The strong stainless steel shaft and parts prevent breaking and rust
  • The Trigger Action Handle is comfortable and easy to use.
  • Anti-skid grip pads made of silicone to provide a secure, but soft grip
  • Perfect for picking up difficult to reach items
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