Vectra S1/M1 Barb & Screen Kit



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Upgrade your aquarium's plumbing with the Vectra S1/M1 Barb & Screen Kit, designed for easy installation and effective debris protection, ensuring optimal pump performance.
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Vectra S1/M1 Barb & Screen Kit: Ideal for Submersible Return Pump Applications

Elevate your aquarium's plumbing system with the Vectra S1/M1 Barb & Screen Kit, specifically designed for seamless integration with submersible return pumps. This kit not only enhances the versatility of your Vectra pump by enabling the use of soft tubing but also provides crucial protection against foreign matter.

Key Features 

  • Soft Tubing Compatibility: Barbed fitting allows the Vectra pump to utilize standard soft tubing, such as braided vinyl or silicone, for efficient plumbing.
  • Secure Connection: The barbed fitting is a traditional slip fitting that connects to the Vectra pump's output. For a worry-free connection, it requires PVC cement. The blue collet on Vectra pumps may fit tightly on these barbed fittings. To ensure a secure fit, we recommend using a small amount of plumbing solvent and applying significant force.
  • Debris Protection: Included screen fitting protects the pump from debris and easily connects to the inlet without needing solvent.

Enhanced Pump Performance with the Barb & Screen Kit

Integrating the Barb & Screen Kit with your Vectra S1/M1 pump ensures a smoother and more reliable operation. The kit's ability to facilitate flexible tubing options extends the life of your pump by protecting it from harmful debris.

Simplified Installation Process

Installing the Barb & Screen Kit is straightforward. The barbed fitting attaches to the pump's output using PVC cement, ensuring a leak-proof seal. The screen fitting, on the other hand, attaches effortlessly to the pump inlet without the need for solvent, thanks to the pump's suction force.

Versatility and Durability

The Vectra S1/M1 Barb & Screen Kit is a testament to versatility and durability. It's an essential upgrade for aquarium enthusiasts seeking to optimize their Vectra S1/M1 pump's performance. The kit's compatibility with various soft tubing types and its protective screen make it a valuable addition to any aquarium setup. In summary, the Barb & Screen Kit is more than just an accessory; it's a crucial component for elevating the functionality and longevity of your Vectra S1/M1 pump. Its straightforward installation and protective features make it an intelligent choice for maintaining an efficient and safe aquarium environment.


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