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VarioS8 Controllable Water Pump

The Reef Octopus VarioS 8 Circulation Pump has a detachable control unit with mount, a premium ceramic shaft that has a propeller bearings that reduce damage to the bearing, as well as the most recent VarioSpike technology to provide precise control, improved performance, energy efficiency and safer operation. Unlike the majority of pumps that use AC (alternating current), the A VarioS pump has a number of critical advantages over standard AC pumps, including better energy efficiency and safer low voltage operation. It also generates less heat per unit of flow.
The aquarist has complete control over the flow of water via their sumps or reactors, filters, or closed loop systems!

Reef Octopus VarioS 8 Refined Control

In addition to allowing the pump to run at five different speeds, which is standard for a DC pump. The new VarioS Controller takes the pump to a whole new level by having a linked float switch that allows you to connect an included floating switch to the controller. This is a safety function that allows you to stop your water pump when your sump water level reaches low or high. All in all the event, you donaEUR(tm)t require an additional module or controller in order to add the float switch to your system. Two separate settings of pause and feed will halt the pump at between 15 and 60 minutes. In this case the brand new VarioS controller functions as an interface to the controller of the system and the pump, allowing the creation of complex programs with the language of your system controller. This is an unprecedented level of control for an skimmer or water pumps. In essence, you could use your system controller to act as your controller for DC pumps! It includes: VarioS pump, controller and float switch, as well as power supply with input and output union for direct plumbing PVC, adjustable output fitting for stepped barbs for flex tubing and a screen for the intake that is protective. The Reef Octopus VarioS 8 pumpA is a slow start, in which the pump slowly increases from a low RPM level to full speed of the preset in about 10 minutes. The A pumpA and controller are connected by an electrical union that is waterproof with three conductors. The detachable controller allows the creation of a watertight union. The volute is able to pivot to alter the pump's output angle at 90 degrees intervals, which means that users can discharge waters vertically (up and down) and horizontally.


  • Input: 1.25"" Male Union Thread
  • Output: 32mm/1.25"" (barb/pvc coupling)
  • Max Flow 2700 GPH
  • Max Head 18 FT
  • Wattage: 98W
  • Voltage 36V DC
  • Dimensions 5.7"" Dimensions: L 3.75"" L Dimensions: 5.7"" L x 3.75"' W 5.5"" H
  • Cable Length: 6 FT
  • Pump Warranty 2 years of Pump Warranty
  • The Rotor's Warranty is 1 Year

Important VarioS pumps are not pressure-rated and cannot be used in floor-to- floors where the pump moves the water across floors from one to the next.

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