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High-quality colorimetric test for the extremely precise measurement of Phosphate and Nitrate. All reef Systems.A Best Value

NO3A | PO4
SeaaEUR(tm)s Red SeaaEUR(tm)s Algae Control Pro Multi Test Kit comes with high-accuracy tests using colorimetric comparisons to ensure the extremely accurate determination of phosphate and nitrate. The tests for phosphate and nitrate are crucial for accurate dosage for Red SeaaEUR(tm)s NO   3   PO   4   AEUR" X (biological reduction of phosphate and nitrate) that forms part of the Red Sea Reef Care Program.
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"The Red Sea Algae Control Test Kit program boosts and controls these natural processes by the regular measured dosing of NO3: PO4-X; a bacteria-enhancing supplement, monitored by the use of highly accurate test kits. The biological reduction of algae nutrients (nitrates and phosphates) occur naturally in all anoxic areas of the aquarium such as inside live rocks, porous filter media and substrates. Red Sea Algae Control Test Kit program provides an easy and reliable method to control algae nutrient levels, which controls the presence of nuisance algae and the population of the symbiotic Zooxanthellae

ALGAE CONTROL Pro MULTI Test Kit Specifications:

  Test Name     Element     Accuracy     Range     Test Type     No. of the test  
Nitrate Pro NO3 0.125 ppm 1-64 ppm Comparator 100
Phosphate Pro PO4 0.02 ppm 5 - 0 5 ppm Comparator 100
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