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The Red Sea Max Nano Complete System is a complete all-in-one reef aquarium system that contains an efficient protein skimmer, return pump, and media rack. It is ideal for tiny maritime areas and works with a number of lighting solutions. The cabinet is offered separately.
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Red Sea Max Nano Complete System (excl cabinet)

The Red Sea Max Nano Complete System is an all-in-one reef aquarium system designed to offer efficient filtration for marine life in small marine environments. This compact yet sleek system includes a protein skimmer, return pump, and media rack for efficient and effective filtration.

Max Nano Complete System comes with a protein skimmer designed to extract organic waste, excess nutrients, and harmful substances from your aquarium's water. Meanwhile, its return pump helps circulate its waters while ensuring they are adequately filtered and oxygenated; finally, its media rack allows you to customize filtration according to the specific needs of marine life in your tank.

The Max Nano Complete System can accommodate an assortment of lighting solutions to select the optimal one for your marine life. Setup and maintenance are straightforward with this easy system made from top-quality materials for durability and long-term use.

Red Sea Max Nano is a great choice.

What’s Included?:

  • An Automatic Top-Off unit that has a 1.5 Liter or 3.1 gal freshwater reservoir which is concealed beneath the screen, just above the sump.
  • Layout for the back sump along with the top-off reservoir that is automatic ensures that this MAX(r) NANO is self-sufficient for around 3 days. 
  • Control Unit for circulation and skimmer pumps MAX(r) NANO MAX(r) NANO features a power center that has distinct on/off switches for the skimmer as well as circulation pumps, allowing ease of access for feeding and maintenance. 
  • Rotatable Rear Sump Screen. A screen on the rear sump is designed to keep all the equipment hidden from view, but it can be easily rotated to the side for maintenance routines and, if required, it could be completely removed. 
  • Cabinet for Marine-Spec Its MAX(r) NANO is available with an additional laminate cabinet with marine-spec fronts. It comes with weatherproof doors painted with epoxy that are weatherproof and have handy push openers as well as soft-close stainless steel hinges. 
  • MAX(r) NANO cabinets are available with either a black or white exterior. MAX(r) NANO cabinets are available with Black or white exteriors. 

    Please be aware that the cabinet is sold separately. The Max Nano Complete System is ideal for anyone searching for an efficient reef aquarium system with everything they need for successful reef keeping. Get yours now to ensure an incredible reef aquarium!
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