Lugol’s Solution -this size for PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY Advanced Iodine for Reef Aquaria



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Lugol's Solution

Add Lugol's Solution to your coral health routine today - only used by professionals! Innovative iodine supplementation designed exclusively for reef aquariums - take charge of your reef care today!
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Lugol's Solution

Lugol's Solution is for use only by professionals. Specifically tailored for reef aquarists, Lugol's Solution delivers unmatched amounts of iodine that ensure the wellbeing and health of any ecosystem that you create. Iodine is an essential element in reef aquaria and essential to their ecosystem's delicate balance, benefitting corals and marine creatures alike. It offers unsurpassed precision when it comes to providing this vital nutrient, helping ensure its proper balance is maintained throughout. Their formula has been designed specifically to meet the demands of professional aquarists seeking only top standards of coral care and development. It holds its value in its specific method of operation, providing your aquariums with a powerful yet reliable source of iodine for improving coral color, durability and overall health. **For Professional Use Only** this product meets all the unique demands that depend upon reefs for ecosystem support while offering optimal maintenance standards. It can be applied with incredible precision. Simply follow the dosing instructions provided to effectively incorporate it into an aquarium for reef fish. It's high levels of iodine will create an environment in which corals will flourish with vivid colors and resilience that are hallmarks of healthy coral reef ecosystems. Lugol's Solution - designed exclusively for professional use in reef aquaculture - represents excellence at every level. Advance your reef treatment, providing corals with essential resources needed for growth. Benefit from innovative iodine supplementation techniques with Lugol's Solution, and watch as your reef aquarium flourish with beauty as well as vitality of healthy marine ecosystems.
1 L / 33.8 f. oz.
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