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The HYDROS Control X4 PRO Pack includes the Control X4 & XP8 aquarium controllers, HYDROS App, temperature sensor, pH probe with calibration solutions, and 6ft Command Bus Cable with two Terminators.  
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It is The Ultimate Aquarium Monitoring and Control System

The HYDROS Control X4 PRO Pack It comes with two Control devices, the Control XP8 and the Control X4. Combining these Controls will produce a safe and aesthetically pleasing system for freshwater and saltwater aquariums. The system can be linked to up to four sensors, which can include temperature sensors, water level monitors, and leak detection sensors. It also has two Drive Ports for powering pumps and solenoids and two Probe Ports for testing pH and ORP levels. Lights, heaters, pumps, skimmers, and other aquarium equipment can be connected to the ControlXP8's 120V AC outlets. Both devices can send messages and alarms, and they can connect to up to eight WiFi devices to have additional control over other devices. Both devices can communicate warnings and messages and link to up to eight WiFi devices to allow you greater control over other equipment like as pumps, lighting feeders, lights, and more simply by adding a HYDROS WiFi Power StripA and a HyDROS Smart PlugA. (both available separately). A The term "electronic commerce" refers to the sale of goods and services over the internet. WhataEUR(tm)s included within the X4 PRO Pack:
  • 1x Control 1x Control
  • 1x Control Unit XP8
  • 1x Temperature Sensor
  • 1x pH Probe & Calibration Solutions
  • One 6ft command Bus Cable that comes with 2 Terminators
  • HYDROS App

About Control X4 / XP8 PRO Pack

HYDROS Control X4 is a robust and robust controller for aquariums capable of performing all the essential functions required to keep an optimum aquarium, without the need to purchase expensive modules. Installation is fast and simple, which makes it perfect for novice and advanced hobbyists. One Control X4 can monitor temperature and pH, as well as ORP and the level of water, just to name a few and also control pumps, timers sensors for level and much more thanks to its highly-technologically advanced design. It can serve as a stand-alone controller for freshwater tanks, saltwater aquariums as well as pond applications. Alternatively, it can be incorporated into various HYDROS Controls to make an entire system. Its Control X4 operates on a HYDROS Safety Net that is rated IP65 to ensure that your equipment and the aquatic living things healthy and flourishing. The majority of HYDROS products are designed, assembled, and maintained from the USA.

4 - the Sense Port

The Sense Port is a new concept in the measurement of parameters for aquariums. HYDROS devices include several Sense Ports. An Sense Port is a generic input port that is able to accept information from a variety of different kinds of sensors. The Sense Ports currently are able to support:
  • Temperature probes
  • Sensors for optical level (single and double)
  • Capacitive non-contact liquid level sensors
  • The Rope leak detectors
  • Point leak detectors
  • Flow rate sensors
  • Magnetic switches
  • Switches with push-button buttons

2 - Drive Port 2 Drive Port

Drive Ports Drive Ports provide switched 12V DC power to run small motors, lights, pumps, fans and various other components. The precise current delivered by each port is continually checked by the Control. Therefore, should a pump or motor stops drawing current or draws too muchcurrent, you'll be notified immediately. Accessories currently available include:
  • Automatic Top Off (ATO) pumps
  • Cooling fans
  • Cabinet LED lights
  • Solenoids are used to regulate reverse the osmosis system

2. Probe Port

A single of the amazing ports of the HYDROS Control X4 is the Probe Port. It is possible to use an ORP, or pH-based probe into Probe Port. Probe Port but, this isn't your typical pH probe! The circuitry is built on an extremely-high-quality input chip that is specifically developed for these types of probes. Each input to pH provides digital Galvanic Isolation from other components part of the unit. Galvanic isolation blocks interference with other components that are connected to the system, such as pumps and motors. Digital Galvanic isolation ensures the precision in the measurements by changing the signal into digital before it crosses the threshold of isolation.

1-10V Port

The HYDROS Control X4 has 0-10V I/O (input and output) ports that permit it to be controlled and receive orders from various HYDROS devices as well as accessories from other brands. An older automation system could offer input through the ports that are 0-10V. They can be used to control variable speed pumps, and they can be used for monitoring simple switch closures, such as push buttons or floating switches.

2 - Command Bus 2 Control Bus

The HYDROS Command Bus is used to provide power to the Control and connect to other HYDROS devices to provide the ultimate security.
About Control XP8 HYDROS Control XP8 has 8 120V power bar that is able to control up to eight HYDROS WiFi devices that have individual power monitoring capabilities. Each of the individual controlled outlets is part of the HYDROS controller to ensure the most secure level of security. Two HYDROS Command Bus ports allow for wired connections to any of the other HYDROS controllers, forming the entire Controls together in one. All HYDROS Controls for products are developed assembled, tested, and maintained by the USA.

HYDROS Control X4 / XP8 Features

  • The XP8 is a complete brain that is able to help or replace the decisions of the HYDROS group. It is capable of taking intelligent decision-making process that is based on state of the A collective as well as its outputs and inputs to the Collective.
  • Manage up to eight WiFi devices such as dosing pumps, fish feeders and even more wifi power strip
  • Command Bus port gives power-add redundancy power to your HyDROS Collective
  • is designed to pass the ETL/UL Certification
  • Universal voltage is compatible using both 110A and 220V
  • 60W Meanwell Power Supply
  • There are no noisy fans. The XP8 has been completely passively cool
  • Optic isolation between the power circuitry and ControlA circuitry. This ensures safety failure as well as isolates the A control circuitry to minimize the noise.


Maximum Per Relay A 8A The Total Maximum Amperage A 14A

8 - Controllable Outlets

Directly control eight individual AC outlets that have individual power monitoring capabilities that can be used to control aquarium heaters, lighting filters, pumps for protein skimmers and everything else.

2 - Command Bus 2. The Command Bus

The HYDROS Command Bus is used to control the Control, and also to communicate to other HYDROS devices to provide the ultimate security.

HYDROS Control X4 / XP8 PRO Pack are versatile and extensible without the need for additional modules

Utilize any HYDROS device as a stand-alone device or connect several devices to form an automated system for aquariums with no single point of failure in communication. Each HYDROS device is sophisticated device that has its own processor and the ability to schedule.

HTML 0f What can you be expecting from HYDROS smart devices

  • Manage the operation of your HYDROS device(s) from any location around the globe using the latest technology HYDROS cloud-based application
  • Control and monitor your HyDROS device(s) local to WiFi
  • A powerful dual-core 32-bit processor that allows control decisions be made inside each device.
  • Internal health monitoring monitors to provide the currents, voltages, CPU status, as well as the internal temperature of the device.
  • HYDROS Control Bus connection to transmit data as well as power to devices
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