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Achieve precise dosing control with the Kamoer X1 PRO T Stepper Pump. Its variable flow rate, highly precise stepper motor, and WiFi programmability make it ideal for calcium reactors, denitrators, and more. Upgrade your aquarium dosing system today!
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Kamoer X1 PRO T Stepper Pump: Precise Dosing Made Easy

  The Kamoer X1 PRO T Stepper Pump offers precise dosing control for your aquarium needs. With its highly precise stepper motor and variable flow rate capability ranging from 1mL/min to over 70mL/min, it's ideal for calcium reactors, denitrators, water changes, and more. Key Features:
  • Highly Precision Stepper Motor for accurate dosing
  • Easy calibration process ensures precise dosing
  • Replaceable PharMed Tubing for durability
  • WiFi programmable via free download App for convenient control
  • Suitable for use as a titration pump or calcium reactor pump
  • Threaded connectors prevent leakage for hassle-free operation
X1 PRO T Specifications:
  • Dosing Channel: 1 KFS pump head
  • Flow Rate: >70mL/min
  • PharMed Tubing Lifetime: 2000 hours
  • Pump Tubing Size: 1/8in ID
  • Dosing Times: 24 times/day-1 time/99days
  • Dose Accuracy: <+/-2%
  • Volume Variation: 0.1ml-9999ml
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 100 x 92 x 63
  • Power Adapter Input: 100-240VAC
  • Power Adapter Output: DC12 2A Maximum Head Pressure: 32ft
Inside the Box:
  • X1 Pro T Dosing Pump
  • Power Adapter
  • 2X tubing adapter (1/8in)
  • 10mL plastic Measuring Cylinder
Note: Requires WiFi-capable mobile device for operation.
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