HYDROS 9ft Drive Accessory Extension Cable



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HYDROS 9ft Drive 2-Pin Extension Cable This 9ft long extension cable for HYDROS Drive Accessories for Control 2 and Control 4.  
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The HYDROS 9ft Drive Accessory Extension Cable is a type of cable used in hydroponic growing systems. "Command Bus" refers to a communication network in hydroponic systems that connects all the devices, such as sensors, pumps, and grow lights. The 9 feet length of the cable allows for flexible installation options in a hydroponic setup. The cable is designed to carry signals between components and ensure the system operates smoothly and efficiently. By using a command bus cable, growers can monitor and control various aspects of their hydroponic system with ease. HYDROS 9ft Drive Extension Cable This extension cable is 9 feet long can be used for HYDROS drive accessories is compatible with Control 2 and Control 4."  
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