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Achieve seamless aquarium top-offs with the HYDROS ATO Kit. Compact water level sensor and powerful DC Micro Pump ensure hassle-free tank maintenance. Upgrade your HYDROS controller experience!
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Upgrade your aquarium with the HYDROS ATO Kit, a comprehensive solution for effortless automatic top-off management through your HYDROS Controller. Simplify your aquarium setup and eliminate wire clutter with this reliable and economical add-on designed for use with the HYDROS system. Explore the key features of the HYDROS ATO Kit:

HYDROS Water Level Sensor:

  • Compact and reliable sensor with no moving parts
  • Magnetic coupling for easy placement and adjustment
  • Suitable for clear, tinted, or painted surfaces up to 1/2" thick
  • Daytime and nighttime operation for versatile use
  • Aviation-style plug for secure connection to HYDROS Sense Port
  • No additional power source required

HYDROS DC Micro Pump:

  • Compact yet powerful pump for efficient tank top-off
  • Controlled and powered by HYDROS Control 2 or Control 4
  • Eliminates the need for extra cords and power bricks
  • Max head pressure of 8 ft. for effective water distribution
  • Flow rate of 74 GPH ensures optimal performance
  • Energy-efficient with a power draw of 4.5 Watts
  • Brushless DC pump with 12V voltage
  • 6.5 feet of tubing included for convenient installation

Sensor Specifications:

  • Sensor Dimensions: 0.75”(Diameter) x 0.55” (Thickness)
  • Magnet Mount Dimensions: 0.75” (Diameter) x 0.25” (Thickness)
  • Max Mounting Thickness: 1/2”

DC Pump Specifications:

  • Pump Dimensions: 1.6”L x 1.062”W x 1.45”H
  • Max Head Pressure: 8 ft.
  • Flow Rate: 74 GPH
  • Power Draw: 4.5 Watts
  • Pump Voltage: 12V (brushless DC pump)
  • Tubing Diameter: 8.5mm OD, 6.5mm ID
  • Tubing Length: 6.5 Feet

Package Contents : 

  • 1x HYDROS Water Level Sensor
  • 1x HYDROS DC Micro Pump
  • 1x Hang-On Tubing Mount
  • 1x Tubing
  • 1x Siphon Break

Upgrade your aquarium maintenance routine with the HYDROS ATO Kit, offering precision, convenience, and reliability in a single package. Keep your water levels in check effortlessly and enjoy a cleaner, more organized aquarium environment.


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