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An Affordable and Effective Method to Charge Your Aquarium Gear

This HYDROS 4 outlet WiFi Power Strip is a smart power bar designed to interact with the CoralVue HYDROS platform. It's a (Requires HYDROS app and HYDROS Control unit, not included. ) (Requires HYDROS app and HYDROS Control unit, not included. ) Power 4 includes four 120V AC outlets as well as four USB ports that can be operated through WiFi with the free HYDROS app for Android and iOS/Apple smartphones. Using the 2.4 WiFi frequency, the outlets can be turned on and off wirelessly. Furthermore, Power 4 Power 4 has a range of 98aEUR(tm), which means you can place outlets across your home and still connect to your router or modem. Each of the four outlets can be controlled separately and the 4 ports USB ports can be controlled together. Each outlet is equipped with distinct LED indicators, while the four USB ports are equipped with only one indicator LED. The status LEDs show the time when an outlet is powered.

Monitoring and controlling Aquarium Equipment using Your mobile Device

Using the HYDROS application with the Power 4, you can create rules and schedules that turn on and off various aquarium equipment components such as lights, pumps, powerheads, algae scrubbers and heaters, protein skimmers and UV sterilizers, and any other equipment you'd like to control in real-time or on a timer. Furthermore, these USB connections are ideal for connecting and controlling the cooling fan in your aquarium. You may program the fans to turn on when the water in your aquarium becomes too hot, and then turn off when the temperature returns to the appropriate limits.

Control Multiple Power Strips with an easy-to-use mobile Application

Another advantage of The Power 4 is that you can manage several Power 4 Power Strips from the HYDROS application. It is possible to use a few power 4aEUR(tm)s to charge an aquarium display, put one in your garage to create the saltwater mixing station and even have them in each one of you childrenaEUR(tm)s bedrooms to transform beginning tanks into smart aquariums. The best part is that it allows you to control the various outlets for different purposes by using one app.

Be Notified When an Outlet isn't working, and you can take Corrective Steps

You can also track the outlets of the Power 4 power strip. If an outlet malfunctions or is unable to connect to its WiFi connection and you lose it, you'll be alerted via you mobile devices. This feature of safety can stop a tank disaster. In the event that, for instance, the outlet that powers the return pump malfunctioned and you were to receive an email to inform you that there is something wrong so you can make the necessary changes. For a temporary solution it is possible to turn off the flow pumps in your system and boost the speed of their operation remotely using the HYDROS application to keep the water flowing and the temperature steady until you get home to examine.

HYDROS 4 outlet wifi Power Strip  4 Strip Specifications

Item #: A HDRS-SM-SO301 Power: AC 120V Outlets:A 4 AC Outlets A | A4 X USB Port All Power Ratings: A 10A/1250W Complete USB Power: A 2A WiFi Frequency: A 2.4 GHz Dimensions: A 7.8 4x 1.1in Weight: A 483g

HYDROS WiFi Outlets

It is possible to use the HYDROS Control system is able to use WiFi-based outlets to power up as part of its setup. These outlets are able to be used to turn lights and pumps, heaters and other equipment on and off depending on the requirements of the aquarium. The power outlets are connected with the control device using WiFi. Naturally, there are questions regarding the reliability of these outlets as well as the possibility of losing of communications. One thing to be mentioned is that HYDROS connects to outlets directly via WiFi. There is no cloud interaction. So so long that your WiFi hub is operational it will be able to work regardless of the fact that your outbound Internet connection is not working. The following outline some of the measures which have been implemented to minimize the risk of failure. "
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