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It is the Blood Spot Anthias, also called known as the Yellow Lined Anthias, makes an excellent addition to the fish-only, invertebrate and reef tanks. Males are spotted with three lines of yellow and an orange area on the dorsal side of their fin. The red head fades into vibrant yellow, which extends into the tail. This Blood Spot Anthias does best when it is kept with its own kind in tanks with at minimum one hundred and fifty-five gallon. In their natural habitats Yellow-lined Anthias are found in high reef faces and drop-off zones. In the aquarium at home they are Anthias usually reside within the center of the tank, but they appreciate the accessibility of a variety of hiding spots.   Anthias species share the characteristic that they are hermaphroditic. If the dominant male dies the most dominant female of the group is likely to change to replace it.   After acclimating to a fresh aquarium Anthias are best being fed a diverse diet consisting of mysis shrimp that are enriched and frozen and brine shrimp enriched in brine and eventually, they could eat quality flake foods provided in small amounts throughout the daytime. An attached refugium for the cultivation of amphipods and copepods will provide an ongoing supply of healthy living food to maintain the planktivore activity.   Approximate Purchase Size: Medium: 2-1/4" to 3-1/2"
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Information About Blood Spot Anthias Encountered in the trade and very attractive. Males are spotted with three white lines across the body, with a pinkish color and a red spot on their dorsal fin. Females are generally pink and do not have the red spot on their dorsal and body yellow lines. It is best kept in aquariums with some caves that are rocky and intense water flow with a huge space for schooling that is unencumbered that will take place at the higher area. It prefers lower light aquariums, but is able to be maintained in aquariums with bright lighting, but might take longer to adjust. Tankmates must be calm and they should be the first to enter the aquarium.   Blood Spot Anthias Diet Regarding diet, the fish can eat the majority of fish food items, e.g., finely chopped fresh or frozen meaty fish like mysis, squids, fish flesh and shrimp, clams and more. They must be served every day at least two times and then dispensed to the downstream so that water currents transport the food to their destination. Sometimes, it is difficult to feed. If this is the case an adult brine fortified with shrimp could be required until they are able to accept other types of aquarium food items, e.g., frozen food items as well as fresh marine fish as well as invertebrate flesh.
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