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JBJ Carbon Activated
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JBJ Activated Carbon 7g packs (5 packs)

Activated Carbon absorbs a variety of dissolved contaminants, such as chloramine, chlorine as well as tannins (which make the water color), and phenols (which create unpleasant odors). It can help prevent the water in aquariums from becoming yellow with time.


Carbon activated can lose its efficiency very quickly if exposed to large amounts of debris from the aquarium. Thus, carbon should be put in the middle of the mechanical filtration media inside the filter. Be aware that if you don't maintain your tank in a clean state and debris builds into the filter, it won't perform as well.

Changes in Carbon

Since carbon bonds with the substances it eliminates in the end, it becomes saturated and cannot eliminate additional contaminants. Thus, it should be replaced regularly. Once a month is typically enough. The longer interval between replacements won't harm the tank, however, the carbon is likely to reduce its ability to remove toxic substances in the water. If you notice a yellowing in the water or notice an unpleasant odor from the tank, it's time to change it.
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