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Currently, our external aquarium pump collection is full of Reef Octopus circulation pumps that range from 700 GPH to 2700 GPH. The pump measurements refer to gallons per hour, meaning that’s how much water the pump can move in an hour. If you have a larger tank or a lot of inhabitants, you’ll want a higher GPH to filter through more water and contaminants.

Most of our aquarium water circulation pumps also come with various accessories, including:

  • Controller
  • Power Supply
  • Float Switch
  • Protective Intake Screen
  • Connection Fittings

Benefits of External Pumps

When it comes to different kinds of pumps, external aquarium pumps are among the best options. Some of the top benefits of external pumps include:

  • Easy to clean because they’re outside the water
  • Aesthetically pleasing, as the pump can be hidden
  • Don’t dissipate heat into your tank, so your water temp is more stable

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