Coral Glue

If you want to glue coral to create a custom aquascape, super glue, and epoxy will be essential to your project. Browse our selection of reef and coral glue to find the ideal solution. You can easily mount coral to rockwork, glue coral to frag plugs, and more.

Using Coral & Reef Glue Safely

There are many types of coral glue that deliver effective results and are safe for your aquarium. Whether you prefer silicone, gum, or super glue, you’ll need to check the ingredients and instructions. Stay away from products that advertise anti-microbial or bacterial protections. These can be toxic to your tank wildlife. While you can use well-known glue brands, like Gorilla Glue, these aren’t specifically designed for a tank environment.

When shopping for glue or silicone, we recommend only buying products that say they’re aquarium-safe. These products are also made to adhere to common surfaces in your tank, like rock, coral, and glass. Some reef glue is even designed to work with various non-porous substrates, including wood, metal, and ceramic.

The Best Fish Supplies

At Fish and Coral Store, we don’t just sell coral glue and aquarium-safe adhesives. We’re also here with a massive collection of all your tank essentials! Shop our store to find top brands for fish food, lighting, filtration, and more.

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As two enthusiastic aquarium hobbyists, we felt it was our responsibility to provide the best products to our fellow hobbyists. With us, you get access to quality and selection all in one place.

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