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Zooplanktos-S Zooplankton (Small), with particles between 50-300 micron, provides an abundant source of nutrients suitable for small fish, corals and other marine organisms that rely on filter feedings for sustenance.
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Zooplanktos-S is an outstanding zooplankton supplement, specially formulated to supply essential nutrients to marine creatures such as tiny fish, corals and invertebrates that filter feed. Boasting particle sizes ranging between 50-300 microns this supplement suits species that differ in terms of size and feeding habits. Zooplankton is an essential element of marine animal food chains and provides essential nutrients that support color, growth, and overall health for aquatic creatures. Unfortunately, many marine aquariums lack sufficient natural sources of zooplankton; thus making Zooplanktos-S an efficient solution to meet this nutritional requirement. Zooplanktos S's fine particles ensure it remains suspended in the waters column for extended periods, increasing chances of animals capturing and consuming this food supplement. As a result, this makes it an excellent way to feed corals as well as other invertebrates that rely on suspended particles as sustenance. It offers numerous advantages for your marine aquarium. Regular usage may bring numerous advantages. 1. **Enhanced NutritionZooplanktos-S offers essential marine animal nutrients like proteins, vitamins, and lipids which contribute to overall wellbeing and health. 2. Color Enhancement The balanced nutrition provided by Zooplanktos-S is proven to create vibrant hues in ornamental and coral fish species for an eye-catching display. 3. Growth and Reproduction The nutrients contained within this zooplankton nutrient supplement may help support healthy reproduction and growth in corals as well as other filter feeders that feed on filtering organisms. 4. *Feeding Response* Many marine animals display an intense feeding response to zooplankton when present in their natural environments, stimulating feeding behavior and encouraging natural behaviors in aquariums. Zooplanktos-S is simple to use: simply shake the bottle vigorously and add an appropriate quantity according to the instructions. We advise feeding corals and other filter-feeding organisms directly, while broadcast feeding may help reach potential buyers more efficiently. With regular usage combined with proper water quality maintenance, it will bring optimal results. Zooplanktos-S is made with high-grade ingredients to provide maximum nutritional value and protection to marine ecosystems. Integrating it into your routine of aquarium maintenance will provide marine animals with essential nutrition they require for good health and a flourishing aquascape.
125 ml / 4 fl. oz., 2 L / 67.6 fl. oz., 20 L / 5.3 gallons, 250 ml /8.5 fl. oz., 500 ml / 17 fl. oz.
1.6 lbs
1.6 × 5.1 × 0.31 in
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