Xport-Ca R.E.E.F. HeXiDiscs – 1.00″x1.75″x0.50″ Xport-Ca Hexagonal Discs for Frag Mounting



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Xport-Ca R.E.E.F. HeXiDiscs: 1.00"x1.75"x0.50" hexagonal discs to ensure secure and attractive frag mounting. Enhance the beauty of your reef tank easily.
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Xport-Ca R.E.E.F HeXiDiscs

The Xport-Ca is the latest addition to the R.E.E.F HeXiDiscs are the ideal solution for mounting frags into your tank for reef. The innovative hexagonal disks are 1.00"x1.75"x0.50" and provide a sturdy and visually appealing place to display your coral fragments. Expertly crafted with care and precision Xport-Ca HeXiDiscs were made to increase the appeal in your aquatic aquarium. The hexagonal shape provides an unique and captivating display for your coral frags providing a touch of style and elegance for your aquarium. These 1.00"x1.75"x0.50" measurements of these disks offer plenty of space to securely attach your coral fragments. This size is suitable for all kinds of frags, such as tiny polyps stone (SPS) corals and large polyp stony (LPS) corals as well as soft corals. With Xport-Ca HeXiDiscs you are able to confidently create a spectacular and varied coral garden in an aquarium for reefs. Xport-Ca R.E.E.F HeXiDiscs are constructed from top-quality materials that are safe and reef-safe, which means that they do not release any harmful chemicals in your aquarium. This makes them a trusted and safe option for your marine animals and allows you to give them the most optimal environment for their growth and wellbeing. The hexagonal shape of these discs serves an essential function. This unique shape allows effective placement and arrangement of coral frags, maximizing the utilization of space within your tank. The sturdy structure guarantees that your coral frags are secure and safe, thus reducing the chance of damage or dislodging. Furthermore, Xport-Ca HeXiDiscs have an open surface that encourages healthy bacteria to colonize. This process assists in maintaining the quality of water by eliminating harmful toxins and organic wastes, which contribute to an improved and balanced ecosystem. The process of setting up your frag garden using Xport-Ca R.E.E.F. HeXiDiscs is simple and easy. The discs offer a simple platform to attach your coral fragments with safe reef adhesives. Their small size permits flexibility in placement, allowing you to make stunning visual displays that showcase the distinctive appeal of every coral frag. In short, Xport Ca R.E.E.F. HeXiDiscs are an excellent choice for displaying frags within your tank for reefs. They feature 1.00"x1.75"x0.50" dimensions as well as their reef-safe construction and hexagonal shape These discs provide an extremely stable and stunning option for displaying the coral frags you have. Enhance the look and function that your fish tank has using the Xport-Ca R.E.E.F. HeXiDiscs and create an enchanting underwater landscape that will enthral both you and the marine creatures.
10 HexiDiscs, 100 HexiDiscs, 50 HexiDiscs
0.2 lbs
1.75 × 1.75 × 5 in
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