Xport-BIO FRESHWATER – 3/4″ Cubes; freshwater (low or high pH) Biological Filtration Media



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Xport-BIO FRESHWATER - 3/4" Cubes

Add quality water to your tank with the Xport-BIO FRESHWATER 3 3/4" Cubes from Xport-BIO FRESHWATER! Ideal for freshwater aquariums of either high or low pH levels. Quickly get biological filtration going right now!
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Xport-BIO FRESHWATER - 3/4" Cubes

The Xport-BIO Freshwater 3/4" Cubes - the Ultimate Biological Filtration Media are specifically designed to improve water quality in freshwater aquariums operating in either high or low pH environments. Their innovative approach to managing biological filtration provides an extraordinary solution that improves overall ecosystem health and stability. Freshwater aquariums require careful maintenance to ensure the health and happiness of aquatic residents, so Xport-BIO cubes have been specially designed to contain an ecosystem-enhancing collection of beneficial bacteria essential for eliminating waste, breaking down contaminants, and improving overall wellbeing of the aquarium. One of the hallmarks of the cubes is their adaptability to different pH levels in freshwater tanks, regardless of acidic or high pH conditions. No matter whether your freshwater aquarium requires low or high pH levels, these cubes will encourage beneficial bacteria growth for an aquarium-specific biological filter solution that can meet all your specific needs. Utilizing Xport-BIO Freshwater 3/8" Cubes is both straightforward and highly effective. Simply incorporate them into your aquarium's filter system for them to act as food sources for beneficial bacteria - eventually leading to clearer waters with lower ammonia/nitrite levels, improved health, and an overall healthier aquatic ecosystem. Freshwater aquarists who strive to improve the health and welfare of their fish will find the 3/4" Cubes an indispensable component in their filter arsenal. Bring biological filtration technology up a notch, and give your ecosystem the nutrients it needs for flourishing. Take advantage of modern biological filtration with these cubes; watch as your aquarium flourish as never before, showcasing quality and beauty that define healthy environments in aquatic ecosystems.
1000 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml
2.8 lbs
2.8 × 3 × 0.47 in
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