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Upgrade your aquarium's filtration system with the Vectra S2 Barb & Screen Kit. This kit provides essential protection for your pump, ensuring smooth operation and preventing debris blockages, all while offering easy installation and compatibility with Vectra S2 pumps.
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Vectra S2 Barb & Screen Kit: Essential Pump Protection

Elevate your aquarium's life-support system with the Vectra S2 Barb & Screen Kit, expertly crafted to protect your return pump from blockages and failures. This indispensable kit plays a pivotal role in maintaining the health and efficiency of your aquarium's filtration system.

Enhanced Features 

  • Effectively Prevents Pump Blockages: The kit's included screen skillfully stops livestock and debris from entering the pump's intake, ensuring its smooth operation.
  • Streamlines Plumbing Efforts: Featuring barbed fittings, the kit facilitates quick and effortless connections to soft tubing, thereby eliminating the need for additional fittings or adapters.
  • Specifically Tailored for Vectra S2 Pumps:
    • 1-inch intake
    • 3/4-inch output

What's included?

  • Reliable Intake Barb Fitting: Securely attaches to the pump's intake, providing a robust and leak-proof connection.
  • Efficient Output Barb Fitting: Guarantees smooth water flow from the pump to the tubing, enhancing the system's overall efficiency.
  • Protective Intake Screen: Serves as a crucial guard against debris and small creatures, maintaining an uninterrupted flow and preventing potential damage to the pump.

The Barb & Screen Kit is more than a mere set of fittings; it's an integral component of your aquarium's ecosystem. By offering robust protection for your return pump, the kit significantly contributes to the overall wellbeing of your aquatic environment. Its compatibility with Vectra S2 pumps and user-friendly installation process make it a must-have for aquarium enthusiasts. Opt for the Vectra S2 Barb & Screen Kit to enhance your aquarium's functionality and safety, ensuring your return pump operates at peak performance.


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