SpongExcel – Silica solution for improved growth rate of Sponges, Bivalves, and Gastropods



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SpongExcel - Silica solution

SpongExcel can boost the growth rate of sponges, bivalves and gastropods to ensure a thriving marine ecosystem. It contains silica to support development for optimal performance.
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SpongExcel - Silica solution

SpongExcel, a revolutionary solution designed to boost bivalves, sponges, and gastropods found in marine environments is here. These creatures play an essential role in maintaining aquatic ecosystems; therefore it has been carefully developed with essential nutrients - specifically silica - provided by SpongExcel for their optimal development and growth. Sponges are well known for filtering water, filtering out excess nutrients and particles to improve its quality. Bivalves help in cycling nutrients by extracting plankton from water bodies; gastropods assist by controlling algae on surfaces grazed over by them - all these organisms contribute towards creating an ecologically sound marine ecosystem. Its research centers around understanding the unique needs of sponges, bivalves and gastropods when it comes to silica consumption - a critical element for their skeletal structures' growth and maintenance - which contributes to overall vitality and health. SpongExcel's specially calibrated formulation offers essential silica as well as essential nutrients that promote rapid growth rates while simultaneously supporting their wellbeing. SpongExcel stands out as an exceptional solution in assisting the development of marine organisms, whether that means sponges, bivalves, or gastropods in your marine habitat. By providing vital nutrients such as silica - SpongExcel helps these creatures flourish and play their essential roles in maintaining an aquatic ecosystem that remains healthy. Integrating SpongExcel into your marine ecosystem maintenance regimen is simple. Simply follow the suggested dosing guidelines to incorporate this silica-based solution. SpongExcel's formulation has been designed so it is compatible with current treatment methods, providing a comprehensive approach to improving bivalve, sponge and gastropod health and growth. SpongExcel goes beyond its growth-rate effects to contribute to your ecosystem's health and happiness. By encouraging the development of important marine creatures such as bivalves, sponges and gastropods - SpongExcel ensures a more balanced underwater ecosystem with improved water quality, nutrient cycle management and algae control. SpongExcel can help your marine ecosystem flourish by encouraging sponges, gastropods and bivalves to flourish and improve overall aquatic health. SpongExcel will assist your efforts towards higher rates of growth for an ecosystem which echoes nature's aquatic habitats - as you hear the sounds of life transform into vibrant lifeforms displaying vitality and growth, reflecting your commitment towards creating an flourishing underwater canvas!
125 ml / 4 fl. oz., 2 L / 67.6 fl. oz., 20 L / 5.3 gallons, 60 ml / 2 fl. Oz.
1.75 lbs
1.75 × 5 × 0.69 in
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