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Rapid Tissue Necrosis (RTN) and slow tissue necrosis are both adequately treated by the coral protection agent RTN/STN-X 1000 ml (STN, Slow Tissue Necrosis). It increases the coral's defenses while inhibiting the growth of microbes responsible for tissue necrosis. Any varieties of coral, including soft, stony, and azooxanthellate corals, can benefit from this treatment. In cases of acute infection, a 7–10 day course of treatment is advised, with a daily dosage of 15ml/100 litres for 4-6 weeks. RTN/STN-X can be used in aquariums without endangering other fish or aquarium occupants.
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Rtn Stn coral 1000 Ml

Rtn Stn Coral 1000 is a solution designed to combat tissue necrosis in corals, both the fast form (RTN, Rapid Tissue Necrosis) and the slow form (STN, Slow Tissue Necrosis). It effectively disrupts the microorganism development involved in necrosis and, at the same time, strengthens the corals' defenses. This treatment is suitable for soft corals and sea anemones, stony corals (SPS/LPS), and azooxanthellate corals. It can be used for a treatment period of 7-10 days and can be extended if necessary. Before using the product, please read the HTU RTN/STN-X and carefully follow the instructions for use. Rtn Stn coral 1000 ml is safe to use in aquariums and will not affect other aquarium inhabitants. It contains water, zinc, and capsaicin extract (<2%). For an acute infection, the recommended dosage is 15ml/100 liters (26 US gal)/daily for 4-6 weeks, along with an additional 3ml/100 liters (26 US gal)/daily of Bacto Therapy. The dosage should be added directly into the aquarium once daily, and dosing pumps can be used for accuracy. It is essential to switch off the ozone and ensure that the skimmer, UV-System, activated carbon, and Po4-Adsorber are operational. RTN/STN-X is available in three sizes: 500ml, 1000ml, and 5000ml. Please calculate the water quantity precisely, avoid overdosing, and use a syringe or DIY Doser to avoid product contamination if dosing by hand.
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