Red Sea ReefMat 500



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The ReefMat 500 is an advanced aquarium controller that includes cloud services for remote monitoring and control. It features a user-friendly interface and can control and monitor various parameters of your aquarium, such as temperature, pH, and ORP. The cloud services allow you to access and adjust the controller settings from anywhere using a smartphone or computer.
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Red Sea ReefMat 500 (now including Cloud Services!)

  The ReefMat 500 is a comprehensive aquarium controller that is designed to keep your reef tank healthy and thriving. This all-in-one device offers real-time monitoring and control over essential aquarium parameters, such as temperature, pH, salinity, and water level. With its cloud services, you can remotely monitor your tank from anywhere, anytime, and take corrective action if necessary. The ReefMat 500 features a large, easy-to-read color touchscreen that provides a user-friendly interface for configuring and customizing your aquarium settings. It also comes with a host of advanced features, such as automatic dosing of supplements, feeding schedules, and programmable lighting settings.  ReefMat 500 is an innovative and highly advanced system for monitoring your aquarium that comes with cloud-based services, offering you instant access to crucial information about your tank's reef. This advanced device is created to help you monitor and ensure the stability and health of your aquarium easily and with ease. With the ReefMat 500, you can easily monitor vital variables like temperatures, pH levels, salinity, and so on. It is fitted with high-precision sensors that provide precise readings which allow you to stay updated on the current conditions of your tank throughout the day. Cloud services allow you to access this data remotely via a user-friendly mobile application or a web-based interface, giving you peace of mind when you're not at home. Cloud-based services also offer additional benefits, including the logging of data and analysis of trends over time. It is easy to review previous data to spot any trends or changes in the parameters of your aquarium which will help you make informed decisions regarding adjustments or other interventions. The system will also notify you via alerts and notifications on your mobile device in the event of any significant deviations from desired parameters, making sure you take intervention and preventing any potential problems. Installing and connecting installing the ReefMat 500 with your aquarium is easy. It comes with all the essential elements, and the cloud services provide step-by-step instructions to make the installation process seamless. The user-friendly interface allows you to navigate the options and adjust settings to meet your individual needs. Thanks to the ReefMat 500 and its cloud services allow you to improve the monitoring of your reef tank to a new level. Keep track of your tank, get important information, and make informed choices to ensure that your reef is healthy. Enjoy the convenience and peace of head that this ReefMat 500 brings to your reef-keeping adventure.
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